The 2015 A to Z of Beer

Here it is.  The official 2015 list of A to Z beers.

Enjoy …

Brewery Beer ABV% Tasting Notes
Ascot Anistasia’s Imperial Stout 8 Award winning deeply black stout with a tan head. It has aromas of roasted coffee, alcohol & chocolate.
Coach House Blueberry 5 Pale in colour with a light delicate bitterness and the natural flavour of Blueberry.
Brass Castle Cliffhanger 3.8 Malty nose with hints of grapefruit, initially sweet with golden fruity malt, then drying rapidly with a sharp citrus and herbal bitterness, really well balanced and refreshing.
Dunham Massey Dunham Porter 5.2 Award winning, old style English porter. Dark, creamy, full bodied and packed with falvour. Winter Champion Beer of Britain 2014.
Tempest Emanation Pale Ale 4.5 An eminently quaffable ale with a creamy copper hue and a light caramel sweetness. A rich hop fuels the piney, citrus aroma.
Hophurst Flaxen 3.7 An English pale golden ale with earthy hoppy aroma with hints of honey and a long refreshing finish. Hindley brewed.
Exmoor Gold 4.5 Exmoor Gold is an appetising and enticing gold in colour. Bitter-sweet with hints of citrus fruit weaving in and out.
Allgates Hindley Deep 4.1 Pale amber beer using biscuit malt conditioned with goji berries.
Moorhouses Ice Witch 4.2 Pale golden beer with medium head. Aroma of pale malts and biscuit. Taste is pale malts, biscuit, citrus and a little lemon rind.
Fyne Jarl 3.8 A full-on citrus experience. Light and golden, a perfect ale for whiling away the hours on a sunny day or in Bent in January!
Canterbury Ales Knight’s Ale 4.6 A dark and complex malt base with roast and toffee notes, and a classic “Fuggles” hop finish.
Taylors Landlord 4.3 A BBBB Classic, a traditional well balanced Yorkshire bitter.
Holts Mild 3.2 Dark brown colour with light caramel malty sweetness.
Prospect Nutty Slack 3.9 A delicious dark mild with hints of liquorice and a smooth malty taste. Stan’s favourite beer.
Bank Top Old Slapper 4.2 A true blonde! Brewed with dwarf Hilary hops, the initial fruitiness is complimented by a pronounced hoppiness in the finish.
Coniston Potion No.9 8.5 Full-bodied and Beautifully bodied barley wine.
4Ts Quick IPA 4.9 Session IPD with subtle hops and big malt backbone.
Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild 6 Quite swiggable for a beer festival favourite. but one cannot drink a lot of this because it will sell out fast!
Martland Mill Spinnner’s Gold 3.8 An enjoyable, easily quaffable golden ale. Created with a well balanced hoppiness, a pleasant citrus taste with a hint of spiciness.
First Chop TEA 5 Inspired by a love of modern American pale ales. TEA is a full bodied 5% pale ale made with three malts.
Kite Uncle Sams APA 5 An American Pale Ale, With a good malt and hop balance, don’t let it blow you away!
4Ts Voluptuous Blond 3.7 An opulent, full-bodied, well formed, session ale.
Phoenix Wobbly Bob 6 A BBBB classic red-brown strong ale often referred to as “Bobbly Wob”.
Big Hand X12 – Solaris 3.9 Dark marmalade coloured with a crisp clean bitter finish.
Stringers Yellow Lorry 4 Pale golden coloured with citrus and toffee flavours, bitter woody notes and a bitter-sweet fruity finish.
Kent Zingiber 4.1 A blend of American Hops with highlights of ginger to provide an uplifting and refreshing light beer.

A Plan of Attack?

Dare we suggest a plan of attack?

Clearly, going out and aiming to do a pint of all 26 in one session is never going to end well.  At best you’ll get part way through the list before the devil on your shoulder utters those fateful words … boy … you could murder a kebab!

So instead.  A bit of maths.  There are 26 beers and there are 3 sessions.  That’s a rather nice 9 beers per session*.

There are some big lads in that list, so a half of each is plenty.

Attack the list this way and you are shaping up for one of the most memorable weekends ever.  Or perhaps one of the least memorable, depending on how good your memory is.

* And yes, 9 x 3 = 27, not 26.  But that extra one?  Having sampled all 26, surely the only way to finish is to go back for a pint of the one you enjoyed the most?

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