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Logo 2017 (Man in the Moon)If you are a regular sponsor and are here looking for the form, you can download download the 2017 sponsorship form here.

If you are thinking about sponsoring the festival for the first time, or you want to know more about it before committing … read on …

Our standard package for 2017 includes:
– 10 tickets for general admission at any session
– These tickets are the only way you can get in to the early hour, 5pm-6pm on Thursday, for sponsors only
– £10 of beer tokens for anyone attending the 5pm-6pm Thursday sponsors’ session
– Your name over a barrel
– Your name and details in the festival programme and linked from our website

The price for this package is £135.

If you are sponsoring as a business or company remember to tick YES on the form so that we can send you a receipt.  This way you can claim the cost through your company accounts.

If you want to do something bigger than our standard sponsorship package, or even if you want to do something a bit smaller, we can usually tailor something to fit.  Get in touch to sponsors@bentnbongs.com and we’ll work something out with you.

The Thursday 5pm-6pm Sponsors’ Session

We run the Thursday sponsors’ session to say Thank You to all our sponsors.  While we open to the general public at 6pm on Thursday, we open an hour earlier for sponsors at 5pm.

And if you arrive between 5pm and 6pm we give you a sheet of £10 worth of tokens so that your first few beers are on us.

These tokens work just like the tokens at the public sessions.  You buy your beer with them.  It makes your first £10 of beer absolutely free.

The tokens don’t expire at 6pm so you can use them any time through Thursday night.  This way you don’t need to feel like you have to drink quickly in order to get your money’s worth from the package.  You can enjoy a few beers, have a chat and a catch-up with the people you are with and generally have a chilled out time before the festival gets busier when the general public are admitted after 6pm.

If your tokens run out during the sponsors’ hour, fear not.  We will have the token desk open selling the regular tokens.  This way, if you want to try the most expensive beers early the choice is yours.  You can top up your token supply any time you want, or as soon as your free ones run out.  You can use your free tokens up quickly, or you can savour the taste of every mouthful and use them well into the night.  The choice is yours.  The only different with the sponsors’ beer tokens is that you cannot cash them in when leaving the festival.  So be sure to use your sponsors’ tokens first.

I mean – what’s not to love about this?   You’re the first into the festival.  There’s a lovely laid-back feel.  Every beer is available.  There’s no rush.  There’s no queue at the bars.  And there are plenty of seats available over by the food.  It’s beer festival heaven.

Programme Advertising

We offer advertising space in the festival programme.  Anything from a quarter page up to a full page including the back and inside covers.  It’s an affordable way to reach people; most of whom are local, most of whom enjoy a few beers, and a night out with friends, and something good to eat, and a bit of entertainment.

In all honesty, advertising with us isn’t going to grow your business overnight so that you can buy the island next Necker.  But with around 4,000 people visiting the festival over the three days, it certainly can’t hurt.

What To Do

If you want to take out a sponsorship package for 2017, download the 2017 sponsorship form, fill in the details and send it back to the address on the form.

If you are interested in doing something a bit bigger or a bit smaller, drop us an email to sponsors@bentnbongs.com and we’ll work something out with you.

And if you want to know more about advertising in the festival programme, send an email to advertising@bentnbongs.com and we’ll get straight back to you.

Thanks in advance you beautiful people for supporting the festival, and in so doing supporting the charities that we support.

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